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About Asheville Trekking Company

Asheville Trekking Co. was officially founded in 2021 by Asheville native, Evan. Evan has spent his entire life exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains and worked professionally in the Marketing field for over a decade before he founded Asheville Trekking Co. It’s our mission to make the wilderness accessible to all. Sometimes that means putting in the work before-hand, but we promise it’s worth the sweat.

Evan is formally educated at Western Carolina University and started his guiding career in 2010 as a student backpacking guide. During this time Evans’ love for whitewater also developed and solidified his future as a guide. Evan started guiding rafts in the summers as well as student backpacking trips and whitewater kayaking in his freetime. Following college Evan worked professionally in Marketing and Business Development. While working professionally Evan learned an important life lesson, love your work and you won’t work a day in your life. This is why we’re here today, Evan wants everyone to be able to experience the beauty that is the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Providing Over-The-Top Experiences

With the most experienced guides in the southeast, Asheville Trekking Co. is dedicated to making your day-hike or overnight trip epic, safe, and very possibly life-altering for those yet to experience the remote backcountry via backpack. We pledge to work relentlessly to accommodate clients needs and desires, while at the same time maintaining the highest regard for safety. All of our guides are Wilderness First Aid Certified (and higher)  and CPR certified.

We bring you to breathtaking views, in the most remote parts of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Making for once-in-a-lifetime experiences for you, your friends and family.

Safety is our #1 concern when we take guests into the backcountry. All of our guides carry a first-aid kit for minor injuries, a cell phone and backup radio communications for when a emergency arises. We also ask you to bring all of your specialized emergency medical equipment.

If you are looking for a challenge, you came to the right place! We have different sets of hikes depending on how extreme you want to take it. Regardless, hiking can be semi-strenuous, and challenging! Be prepared for inclines, rocky landscapes and more in your backcountry adventures. 

Our guides know the woods. They have spent hundreds of hours each in the Blue Ridge Mountains, so they are very familiar with the history, landscapes, plants and much more about the mountains.

We have a 99.9% positive response to all of our day hikes and backpacking trips. Our guides want you, your friends and family to have one hell of a time. We try to make that a reality for all of our trips. Guaranteed. 

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