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Frequently asked questions about Asheville Trekking Co.

No! Asheville Trekking Company can provide tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks, and trekking poles. We also have group gear like GPS, water filters, stoves, cookware, rope, maps and compasses. Hikers are responsible for bringing personal items listed on the Basic Backpacking Gear Checklist PDF. If you want to bring your own gear feel free, just coordinate that with the guide so you’re both on the same page as to functionality.

That’s up to you! Private groups customize their mileage to fit their needs. We want to work with all body types and experience levels (our mission is to make the wilderness accessible). That said, group trips usually cover 6-10 miles a day over moderate terrain. We also offer beginner group trips with lower mileage days and intermediate to advanced trips with higher mileage. Did someone say expert only? Yes we can and have gone to some of the most remote places on the earth. We’re proud of what we do and if you’re looking for a very specific experience drop Evan an email; evan@ashevilletrekking.com

Yes and no. We welcome all fitness levels! But to hike in the mountains and carry a pack comfortably, you should at least be able to walk several miles without taking a break. Our trips can cover rugged, up-and-down terrain that is almost always more difficult than an easy, flat “walk in the park.” So the more in shape you are, the easier it’ll be. That said, the majority of our trips are suitable for beginner to intermediate hikers. And our private backpacking trips can be customized for any fitness level. If you’re looking to set a backpacking goal and need to work up to the physical requirements, we can connect you with a dietician and fitness instructor in your local area.

Yes! This needs to coordinated upon booking and requires you to drive your own vehicle. All dogs are welcome, we maintain a strict no aggression policy. Please don’t bring your guard dog or a territorial dog, while we’re headed to the wilderness we will still encounter other folks with their pets. Evan will normally hike with his dog and he does a great job of alerting us to other animals on the trail such as bears. 

Simply taking a walk while wearing a backpack, with something heavy in it, can help quite a bit. If you’re a “flatlander” and are concerned about elevation gain and loss, try climbing flights of stairs on your lunch break or hop on a stairmaster at your local gym. Eat. Healthy! We have access to a Baylor Dietician. She is an expert adventurer and has the experience to guide you down the right path starting with the basics!

We have food! Asheville Trekking Company provides plenty of food on our overnight trips. We offer an array of standard backpacking fare including dehydrated meals, dried fruits and nuts, granola bars, oatmeal, and plenty of other backcountry fare. We pack fresh fruit and veggies for snacks, there’s always a treat for your after dinner sweet tooth and yes! We have instant coffee to go with breakfast. We also have a backcountry French press, if you want to carry your own beans you’re more than welcome to do so. We’re also happy to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences whenever possible. Just give us a heads-up in advance. 

We also have a private chef to cater to your backcountry needs. She is a professional chef with an immensely stunning resume who only caters the highest quality of locally-sourced meals. She is comfortable working with any dietary restrictions and requires booking 3-4 weeks out. With that being said, if you’re booking last minute and are curious about the chefs availability please inquire asap.

The trip costs includes a 15% non-refundable administrative fee. Hikes may be cancelled up to 2 weeks before the trip for a refund (minus the 15% fee). Within 2 weeks, a 50% refund will be offered. Within 48 hours, a refund will only be offered if Asheville Trekking Company cancels the trip due to severe weather.

We hike rain or shine! Sometimes, thunderstorms, ice, snow, or extreme cold may be considered severe weather. In these circumstances, we may change the trip itinerary or cancel the trip.

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