We will start out our trip meeting approximately two hours before sunset at the base of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Sunset time fluctuates heavily depending on the time of year in the Appalachian Mountains. When you book this trip we will confirm the meeting time and location. Your guide will double check you have the required gear and that your head lamp is functioning. We keep spare lamps and batteries on us if you have a malfunction or need a headlamp let us know

Upon verifying all gear is in working order and everyone has their supplies, we will start a short 30 minute drive up the parkway to the trailhead. We will hike a total of 1.5-5 miles (custom location and distance for every trip) round trip with the initial ascent only taking us 20 minutes or so. Your guide will verify everyone is in a safe location and proceed to make sure everyone has a cold, locally-sourced, beverage in their hand. At this point the sky is getting colorful and you're set-up for an epic Appalachian sunset.

If seeking to take in a more remote and solitude sunset we have additional options requiring 2-5 miles of hiking. This is treated as a half day hike and will be priced accordingly due to the amount of time it takes to complete. $290.00 for 3 hikers with an additional $40.00 per hiker. We will be meeting approximately 3.5 hours before sunset in Asheville for this adventure.

Quick Info

  • Price $190 per group
  • Group Size 1-3 Hikers
  • Distance 1.5-5 Miles
  • Difficulty 2 out of 5
  • Solitude 2 out of 5
  • Time 2-4 Hours

What's Included With Your Trip

What Is Not Included, But Required

What Is Not Included, But Recommended

Optional Add-ons for a Better Experience

Gourmet Backcountry Meal

$ 150

Prepared by a local professional chef, level up your evening with an energizing gourmet meal while experiencing breath-taking views. All prepared for you, so you don't lift a finger.


$ 35

Do you need to borrow a daypack? No problem, we have gear rentals.


$ 59

Do you need a headlamp? No problem, we will bring you one you can take home.

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